Where’s Richard? – Missing Richard Simmons (Ep. 1)

Let me gladly introduce you to ‘Missing Richard Simmons.’ This brand new podcast is dedicated to investigating Richard Simmons’ sudden disappearance from the public eye. The first episode shines a light on a side of Richard not often seen in the media. The more we learn about him, the harder it is to believe that he would abandon, not only his fans, but everyone around him.

Listen to the podcast at their website.

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Meeting & Losing Richard

  • Our narrator, Dan Taberski, first met Richard Simmons when he decided to sign up for his “Slimmons” class in Beverly Hills
    • Richard has been teaching at this studio for 40 years (the studio is now closed)
    • Dan remembers being bare chested in the class with Richard wiping sweat off his chest and then shoving the shirt down Dan’s pants
  • Dan becomes a regular at the studiorichard_with_doll3
    • He is even invited to have dinner with Richard
    • Richard shows Dan his enormous doll collection
    • Richard introduces Dan to his housekeeper/best friend Teresa and his beloved Dalmatian
  • On February 15, 2014, Richard doesn’t show up to class. No one knew where he was at and no one could get a hold of him, not even his staff
  • Richard was known to return emails within hours and communicate often with his fans. This all stopped abruptly
  • Dan’s goal is to find out what drove him towards such a drastic change in his life, not to convince him to live otherwise

Getting to Know Richard

This section of notes covers Dan meeting up with a celebrity tour guide who has had hundred of encounters with Richard while giving tours. Some facts may not be related to Richard Simmons but are nonetheless intersesting.

  • Leonardo Dicapario has 2 homes, 1 for himself and the other for his mother
    • His mom doesn’t like the tour guides and is known to spray them with the water hose as they come by
  • Tour guides have seen Richard Simmons more than any other celebrity
  • Richard makes a point to come and talk to tour guides
  • richard-simmons-la-homeRichard’s mailbox matches Richard’s home
  • A 6 foot fence now surrounds the house
  • Richard would come out to greet the tour guides in ridiculous outfits
  • One time, when Richard was talking to fans in the street, Richard’s foot was run over by a car and before going to the hospital, Richard made it a point to take a picture with everyone
  • Richard has been on David Letterman 33 times
  • Before Slimmons, Richard opened Anatomy Asylum which grew to 72 locations all before he was 35 years old
  • Richard made $160 Million selling his card game Deal-A-Meal
  • Richard made sure to have “normal looking” people in his workout videos
    • In comparison, Jane Fonda was much more precise and hired fitness professionals to be in her videos which made it not so appealing to the everyday man

The podcast takes the time to point out the fact that Richard was very successful in order to provide contrast to the fact that Richard was still dedicated to teaching Slimmons and greeting fans everyday. He never changed.

Losing 200 Pounds

Dan shares a story about Kathy, a women in Nebraska who met Richard by coincidence.

  • Kathy saw Richard at a cookie factory in Nebraska
    • Richard was on a business trip visiting the factory that was producing his cookies
    • Kathy was obese and in her 30s
    • Kathy gave Richard her phone number never thinking that he would actually call. Sure enough, he called and did so once a week. He became her weight loss therapist for years, for free.
    • Kathy remembers times when Richard would call her in the middle of the night to talk about life things that bothered him
    • Kathy went on to lose over 200 pounds

Richard’s Last Interview

Dan speaks to Jason and Randy Sklar, a pair of brothers who are also podcasters and had a really good relationship with Richard. Richard’s appearance on their podcast was one of the last interviews Richard gave before his disappearance.

  • Although Richard exuded happiness, the brothers thought that he did not appear happy once the microphones were off
  • On the podcast, Richard admits to never hanging out with anyone. He describes his life as: He teaches his class, takes photos with fans, and then goes home
  • He hasn’t been to anyone’s house in 7 years and doesn’t have friends come over to his house.

More Strange Facts About Richard

  • Richard was in the film Satyricon (1968). He is the guy playing the harp
  • Richard was in General Hospital as himself
  • Richard had his own talk show and even won an emmy for it
  • Richard requested an audience with the pope and got it (I couldn’t find anything to back this up)

Episode 2 Notes Here

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