Stakeout – Missing Richard Simmons (Ep. 2)

This episode continues where the 1st one left one, getting to know more about Richard. We learn some interesting facts about Richard and even get to tag along with Dan as he goes up to Richard’s home in search of answers.

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Rules at the Slimmons Studio

To better understand Richard, Dan describes the Slimmons Studio experience…

  • The first 2 rows in the class are reserved for regulars only. Newbies must get to the back!
  • NO cellphones or recording devices of any kind will be tolerated. Richard will hang around after class for as long as it takes to sign autographs and take photos with everyone
  • Richard is going to get freaky
    • Richard likes to dance and usually asks all the men to take off their shirt
    • Can be described as a burlesque show
    • Richard would flash the class (They don’t go into any detail on this so I am not sure what Richard was flashing)
    • He would crawl through people’s legs and get very touchy
  • At some point, Richard will bare his soul and begin to cry, uncontrollably
    • Richard is known for crying (fast forward to 2:51)
  • Dan has seen Richard cry at every class he’s been to
  • With Richard opening up to his customers, he created a judgement free zone
    • People would come to the class for inspiration and support

Given how important Slimmons was to other people, as well as, to Richard himself, it’s hard to imagine that he would just abandon it.

Richard’s Second Mother

  • Grandma Gorgeous (GiGi) has been exercising at Slimmons since the beginninggigi
    • She is now 94 years old
    • She is considered the cornerstone of the class
    • She shows up in full make up with huge rings on her fingers
    • She became like a 2nd mother to Richard
    • Richard attended her 90th bday party and made a toast
    • Richard would drive her to class during the winder months
    • GiGi once knocked on the door when she saw that the gate was open but nothing came of it

Dan introduces GiGi as someone who was extremely close to Richard. Dan figured that if anyone knew anything about his disappearance, it would be here. But, like everyone else, GiGi was kept in the dark and was worried about him.

Richard’s Song, “Hair Do”

The podcast mentioned this video for one of Richard’s songs, “Hair Do”. I do have to warn you that this song is oddly catchy and will get stuck in your head.

Going to Richard’s House

Dan and his producer decide to go to Richard’s home and knock on the door and hopefully get some information that way.

  • Richard’s manager claims that he has been cooped up in his house for 2 years and doesn’t want to talk to anyone
  • Dan and his producer walk up to the security fence only to find that there is no buzzer to communicate to the people inside
  • As they are about to leave, they spot Teresa taking out the recyclingteresa
    • Teresa has been working for Richard for over 30 years and lives with him
    • They are both very loyal to one another
    • Richard bought Teresa a Mercedes
  • At first, Teresa claims that Richard is not home but then quickly changes her answer to, “he is home but doesn’t want to talk to anyone”
    • Dan questions her about Richard not returning any of his calls or emails but Teresa doesn’t give any information and heads back inside

Theories on Richard’s Disappearance

  • Richard’s had problematic knees
    • He needed surgery on both knees. When Richard first went missing, a sign went up at the studio saying that he was unavailable because of his knees
  • Richard hates surgery and doesn’t like doctors
  • We are introduced to Allee Willis, an old friend of Richard’s
    • Allee wrote theme song to Friends
    • She teamed up with Richard to make an exercise album called “Reach
    • Allee said that there were always Dalmatians at Richard’s house. At one point, she believed he has over 8 Dalmatians (all named after Gone With the Wind characters)
    • Around the time that Richard disappeared, Richard sent Dan an email stating that his dog Patty had passed away. This was the last Dalmatian to pass

Both of these theories point to Richard falling into a state of depression. It is possible that both of these events combined caused Richard to want to become a recluse.

The Cliffhanger

  • On January 24, 2015 TMZ publishes a story about the cops going out to Richard’s home because someone filed a report for elder abuse
  • Who called the police? Who’s being abused? Who’s causing the abuse?

These questions, and more, will be answered in the next episode.

Episode 3 & 4 Notes Here

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