The Maid & The Masseuse and ‘Till the Day I Die’ – Missing Richard Simmons (Ep. 3 & 4)

In an effort to catch up to the series, I am combining episodes 3 & 4 into one post, the latter of which was posted online today. I won’t say much since there’s a lot to cover in this post so please enjoy!

Listen to the podcast here.

Episode 3 – The Maid & The Masseuse

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Richard’s Public Image

  • Dan calls Richard’s publicist, Tom Estey, who has been representing him for 25 years and Dan is unable to get any information out of him
  • Richard’s appearances on social media are either fake or recycled posts from the past
    • Dan suspects Richard slips in a tweet every once in a while. You can tell which ones are written by Richard by the number of ellipses in the message
    • The fact that Richard still cares enough to tweet every once in a while gives Dan hope that the door is still open and Richard can be contacted

Introducing, Mauro

  • Mauro Oliveira was an artist when Richard first met him
    • Richard fell in love with his art and bought several pieces from Mauro
  • Richard offered him a job as an assistant
    • Mauro would also become Richard’s masseuse
  • Mauro and Richard were very close.
    • They traveled together for pleasure, not just business
  • Dan and his husband Jay accompanied Richard and Mauro on a double date
  • Richard once asked Mauro what he wanted for his birthday and Mauro replied that it would be nice to have a contaminated well replaced at the orphanage from where he was from in Brazil. Richard obliged and financed the new well

Mauro Calls the Cops

  • The last time Mauro saw Richard was in May of 2014, 2 months before Richard vanished
    • Richard was very weak and trembling
    • Richard called Mauro over to tell him that he wasn’t going to be seeing him anymore
    • Mauro thought Richard was suicidal and convinced Richard to get a massage
      • When Richard tells Teresa that he will be upstairs with Mauro, Teresa freaks out about Mauro being inside the house and kicks Mauro out
      • Before he leaves, Mauro asks Richard if Teresa is controlling his life and Richard replies, “Yes”
  • 7 months later, Mauro drove by Richard’s house and noticed there were no Christmas lights or holiday decorations. Concerned, Mauro called the cops so they could check on him 9this is the story behind the TMZ story discussed in episode 2)King_Rich
  • Mauro believes Teresa pinned Richard against him
  • Mauro wrote an ebook, “King Rich and the Evil Witch” as a true story about what he believes is happening
    • Mauro believes that Teresa is a witch in real life

More About Teresa

  • Teresa lives with Richard but also has a condo in Hollywood which she uses as a get away when she needs a break
  • Richard would make Teresa breakfast
  • Teresa sends people away who come to visit Richard. Is she being told to do this or is she acting alone?
  • Dan and his husband Jay recount a night Richard had them over for dinner
    • Teresa appeared as the mistress of the home
    • Richard and Mauro cooked, served, and cleaned up
    • Teresa didn’t do anything and appeared to be in charge
  • Mauro thinks Teresa uses black magic to control Richard

Questioning Mauro’s Intentions

  • Is it possible that Mauro is trying to cash in?
  • Ben Harper, a Slimmons regular, read the fairy tale, and despite the magic, believes what Mauro is saying to be true
    • Doesn’t think Mauro wrote the book for the money
    • Dan believes Mauro wrote it in the hopes that Richard would read it
  • Dan asks Mauro why he’s the only one speaking out about what is happening to Richard
    • Mauro says that he comes from a good place and hopes that Richard is able to get help if he wants it
    • Ultimately, Mauro wants Richard to be happy

Dan Sends Richard a Message

  • Dan recorded messages from the people he’s been meeting along the way and sent it to Richard

The Cliffhanger

  • There was a character in the Fairy tale, Prince Benny that represents Richard’s brother, Lenny
    • Dan will be going to New Orleans to track him down

Episode 4 – ‘Till the Day I Die’

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New Leads

  • Dan calls the publicist again to find out if Richard has heard the message that Dan sent at the end of the last episode
    • The publicist is short with Dan and doesn’t give him any answers
  • There are 2 people Richard keeps in contact with. The first one is named Elijah
    • Elijah had a chapter dedicated to him in one of Richard’s books
    • On Facebook, Elijah appears very close to Teresa
  • Dan flies down to Mississippi to meet Elijah
    • Dan catches Elijah at his home but after giving several excuses, Dan agrees to meet up with Elijah later to talk. Elijah bails and never speaks with Dan again

The Phone Call

  • An article published by the Daily News garnered a lot of attention and forced Richard to comment on what was going on
    • Richard called into the Today show to make this comment. This was the first proof in over 2 years that he was still alive
  • Richard addressed the alegations against Teresa and claimed that he isn’t being held hostage

Growing Up in New Orleans

  • Dan goes down to New Orleans to find Richard’s brother, Lenny
  • Richard stays at the Omni Hotel every time he visits NOLA
  • Richard’s mom was a fan dancer and his father was mostly unemployed
    • They were devoted Catholics
  • Richard worked at a candy store called Leah’s
  • Woody Fraiser, an old friend of Richard’s, said there were 3 refrigerators in their home filled with food
  • Richard was bullied because he was fat
  • Richard lost ~150 pounds in 2 months by eating lettuce and drinking water
    • Richard was hospitalized and this ended up being a turning point in his life
  • Richard wanted to be a priest

Joanie Meets Richard

  • Jonnie met Richard one day when she went to one of his public speeches
    • Richard brought her on stage and motivated her to change her life
  • Weeks later, Richard put out a front page story trying to find Joanie since they never exchanged contact information
  • Joanie went on to lose 100 pounds

Dan uses this story to highlight the fact that Richard made it his mission to change the world. It wasn’t about being a celebrity and appearing like a nice person in front of the camera, he we genuine in his efforts to fight obesity in America. He was on a crusade.

  • Richard even spoke on Capitol Hill about America’s obesity problem

Meeting Lenny For The First Time

The episode ends with Dan going up to Lenny’s home in New Orleans only to have Lenny shut the door in his face. We hear a small snippet of a phone call Dan makes to Lenny after that encounter and it appears that Lenny opens up to Dan with more information. That of course, will have to wait for future episodes. Until next time!



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